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Wind Power Generation Lightning Protection Solutions

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Wind Power Generation Lightning Protection Solutions
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Wind power generation equipment is located in a wide outdoor area for a long time, and the probability of lightning strikes is very high. Wind equipment investment is large, each time lightning strikes, the maintenance of the equipment is expensive. In wind power generation, the fire frequency of surge protector is only second to that of high-speed rail and communication industry. Therefore, lightning protection is a top priority for wind power.


1 Relevant regulation for lightning protection of wind power generation


Surge protectors used in wind power generation equipment must comply with all of the following specifications:

  1. IEC 62305
  2. IEC 61312
  3. IEC 61400-24
  4. IEC 61643-11


2 The selection of wind power surge protectors needs to take into account the 5 aspect


1, lightning protection area (LPZ 0... 3)

2, SPD conforms to the test current waveform (8/20 wave and 10/350 wave, etc.)

3, voltage protection level (Up)

4, power supply system voltage and standard (230/400V and 400/690 V systems)


3 Characteristics that wind power surge protectors must have


The motor side, transformer low voltage side and distribution cabinet network side of the wind power generation system must be Class I lightning protection, the continuous working voltage of the Type 1 power surge protector is greater than 690 Vac, which can reasonably protect the normal operation of wind power generation equipment.


The Class II power surge protector on the rotor side of the wind turbine is shock-proof and pluggable.



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