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Surge protector for LED-lighting

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Surge protector for LED-lighting
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Public lighting installations are exposed to the environment. Located where continuity of service is essential, it is crucial that these installations are protected against lightning and overvoltage and that can be achieved using a surge protector for street lighting.


Today, it is primarily LED luminaires that are used for street and hall lighting. But the free-standing poles of the street lighting are at risk in two ways: From lightning and from surge voltages via the power supply. For the protection of electronic drivers and LED lights in street lamps, BRITEC has now developed a tailor-made surge arrestor. The type 2+3 arrestor BR-LED-10INS has a high level of conducting capacity of up to 10 kA. Having a very low protection level of below 1.6 kV, the surge protection device is also suitable for the protection of very sensitive components. The BR-LED-10INS arrestors fulfill the requirements for type 2+3 protective devices according to the current EN 61643-11 product norm.


Protecting against the effects of surge over-voltages in LED lighting systems


In general, the most effective approach to protect large installations of lighting equipment against surge over-voltages is by cascading multiple protective stages. Each stage combines the necessary balance between discharge capacity and voltage protection level. This way, a first stage (typically a ‘Type 1’ (Class I) or ‘Type 2’ (Class II) SPD) provides robustness, thus diverting most of a spike’s energy, while a second stage (typically a ‘Type 2’ (Class II) or ‘Type 3’ (Class III) SPD) provides ‘local’ protection. Therefore, SPD solutions should be tailored appropriately with proper lightning protection and earth grounding systems in place.


To guarantee proper protection of a luminaire, the distance between it and its protector circuit must be as short as possible. If the distance between a protected distribution panel and several luminaires is more than 20 meters, using a second protection stage is recommended, even if the protection level of the first stage seems to be sufficient.


Properly made earth ground connections are essential to the effective functioning of a lightning protection system. Earth ground connections must provide proper contact per industry electrical system construction standards. The connection resistance must be low, and the conductivity of the earth substrate material must allow efficient dissipation of surge energy.


Surge protection devices, SPD T2 T3


Surge protection module type 2+3 to DIN EN 61643-11 for 230/400 V power grids to protect LED lighting and/or the LED driver.


Surge Protective Device (SPD) installation tips


Always refer to the SPD manufacturers’ installation instructions and best practices.


  • For general purpose protection, install an SPD in each electrical panel to protect the connected equipment.
  • Connect the SPD to a circuit breaker in the panel using the shortest possible wire length (no more than 6” wire length). Wires longer than 6 inches will reduce the surge protection capability of the SPD meaning it will let through higher voltage spikes than SPDs installed with shorter wires.
  • Avoid sharp bends in SPD wiring.
  • To minimize wire length, mount SPD directly on side of Panel or install SPD in panel (if supported by electrical panel).



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