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Surge Protection Devices for Railways

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Surge Protection Devices for Railways
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Why to protect?


In the rail transport, both the underground and the above-ground railway or tram transport, attention is turned to the safety and reliability of the traffic, and to the unconditional protection of persons. Installed electrical and electronic equipment of the infrastructure (control systems, signaling ones, information ones), has to provide a high level of reliability corresponding to the needs of a safe traffic and protection of persons. Due to economic reasons, equipment does not have a sufficient dielectric strength for all potential overvoltage, and therefore, the overvoltage protection has to be adapted to specific requirements of the rail transport.


Surge protective devices for railway telecommunications


Communication infrastructure must be protected against overvoltage surges to ensure its reliability, which is essential for the safe and smooth operation of the railways.


BRITEC offers a complete portfolio of surge protective devices to protect AC or DC power inputs, radio receivers and transmitters (coaxial SPDs), Ethernet data lines (including POE), RS-485 lines, and more.


Protection of GSM-R transmitting and receiving systems


GSM-R stands for Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway and is the core system for communication and data transmission in the ETCS*.


Most GSM-R radio masts are in exposed locations along-side the railway tracks in order to ensure optimum radio coverage and a good transmission range. As a result, the risk of a direct lightning strike is particularly high. Professional lightning and surge protection is essential in order to maximize system availability. Insurance companies and experts regard the consideration of lightning and surge protection measures when planning and installing mobile communication facilities as an integral part of the protection of people and property. As a leading lightning and surge protection company, DEHN has decades of experience in compiling successful solutions for mobile communication facilities.



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